We offer a variety of psychological assessment services including:

  • Pre-employment Clinical Assessments
  • High Risk Unit Selection Assessments
  • Fitness for Duty Evaluations
  • Threat Assessments  

All assessments include a clinical interview, administration of psychological measures, and a written report.  And, depending on the referral question, collateral information may be requested or gathered from key resources that may include superiors, co-workers, and family members.  


We offer onsite and telephone Forensic consultation services in the areas of:

  • Hostage/Barricaded Situations
  • Case Conceptualization
  • Threat Assessments

Wellness Counselling

We provide wellness counselling to all police departments including, high risk units.  

We cater to organizational procedures and policies relating to the frequency of sessions offered to each department or unit served.  We adhere to the legal limits of confidentiality as well as, the limits set out by the Police Service and the Police Association.  All members are informed of the limits of confidentiality prior to service delivery.  

We also offer private individual psychotherapy to police officers and first responders.  Please contact us directly if you wish to book a private therapy session.   

Emergency Support

For emergency support during hostage/barricaded situations, please contact Dr. Mini Mamak, Psychologist directly at: 416.230.2612


We offer a variety of education and training workshops to support police interventions and to enhance professional wellness.

Supporting Police Interventions

Full day and/or half day workshops are available to Police Agencies to augment Negotiator and Incident Commander’s Courses.

Topics covered during the training include:

  • Understanding Crisis Response and Behaviour
  • Recognizing Major Mental Disorder
  • Negotiating with Individuals in Crisis
  • Psychology of Crowds and Crowd Control

Supporting Professional Wellness

Full day and/or half day workshops are available for the following topics:

  • Understanding and Managing Stress Response
  • Understanding and Managing Post Traumatic Stress Injury and Operational Stress Injury
  • Building and Maintaining Resiliency

Please note that the professionals at Solid Blue Support have a wide range of skills and can provide training that may not be listed.  Please contact us directly for a full range of training opportunities.


The Solid Blue Support team members are available to provide consultation, training, and support to international police agencies. Please contact us to discuss your needs.